Performance Improvement Success Stories

We, at Exceed, are proud of our reputation, both in terms of our deepwater project management services and our performance improvement solutions.


One of our key objectives is to help our clients realise a measurable return on investment; however, it's not what we promise at the beginning of the project, but the result we deliver at the end of a project that matter.


Below are examples of some of our recent projects. Success stories that prove that small gains and sustained behavioural changes lead to significant results:



01 - Significant ROI on West Africa Ultra Deepwater Project


Two Exceed Performance coaches look back upon a successful project working with the rig team of an ultra-deepwater exploration drillship in West Africa.


The project, which involved an ultra deepwater rig, saw the rig's performance increase from a baseline NPT of 28% for the first six months of the wells campaign to an average of 18% in the first 12 months of the project and a further reduction to 12% realised during the second half of the wells campaign. Read more...



02 - Operator Talisman Achieves Success with PLATOON Project


A recent project working with North Sea Oil & Gas Operator Talisman has helped deliver increased productivity of 60 days and has resulted in additional direct savings of £1million.


About to embark on a 4-well drilling programme with drilling rig Ocean Nomad, Talisman recognised a need to maximise their performance through effective planning and brought on board two Exceed performance Ccaches. The 21-month project which saw a productive time increase from 74% to 84%, was very much a rig-owned initiative. Read more...



03 - Increased Mining Efficiencies


A client in the mining industry set out to improve the performance of one of their vessels. Their objective was clear: increase mining time utilisation from 68% to 78%. The client realised that to achieve maximum potential, staff participation was of critical importance. They partnered with Exceed to develop their people.


Over a period of 14 months, the mining vessel exceeded the target and achieved an actual mining utilisation average of 84%. The financial impact of this improvement on the client’s bottom line result was an added revenue contribution exceeding US $ 9,300,000! Read more...