With the recent acquisition of Managed Pressure Resources (MPR), Exceed is pleased to add managed pressure drilling to its portfolio.  MPR is an industry leading provider of managed pressure drilling (MPD).  With over 40 years' experience our knowledge of and involvement in managed pressure & underbalanced drilling related projects spans both local and global markets.


Our MPD capability and core services include:

  • MPD feasibility studies
  • MPD project management
  • Tendering / contract management
  • MPD planning process / delivery assurance
  • Drill well on the simulator
  • Crew competence
  • Bespoke training packages inc. desktop simulator and video
  • Site based supervision
  • Cost management
  • Performance monitoring / dashboards
  • MPD project gap analysis
  • MPD readiness review (procedures / processes)
  • Post job evaluation and closeout
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