Our Approach

Our rig-based performance coaches work closely with your team to bring your safety management system to life, introduce an integrated approach to planning and learning, and improve operational performance — saving you time and money.

We don't change technology or request capital investment. We benchmark performance, pinpoint improvement opportunities and then work side-by-side with your rig team to deliver a step change in performance.

More often than not, our clients bring us in right at the start of a project to ensure operational readiness or to enable rig teams that are already operational to realise the full benefits of additional support.

Exceed performance coaches drive the continuous improvement process using our proven 12-step transformation wheel. This inclusive approach combines the proven concepts of advance planning, after action reviews and a rigorous lessons learned process with innovative visual learning and rig crew engagement solutions.

This is typically in response to:

  • Cost pressure
  • Change in scope
  • New rig / new region
  • Short-term drilling programme
  • Projects with highly-repetitive activities
  • Intermittent complex operations