Field Development Planning

Companies investing in established hydrocarbon fields often look for independent support to assess the condition of the existing facilities and the quality of operations, HSE management and potential related liabilities.

Oil and gas companies are under constant pressure to translate discoveries into cash flow for investors as quickly as possible. At the same time, the selection of the best development concept and formulation of effective field development plans (FDPs) becomes increasingly challenging. This is because a wide variety of factors (including environmental, stakeholders, local content regulation, reservoir uncertainties, drilling, facilities, disposal of water and associated gas, export systems, economics) need to be taken into account. A company’s ability to design and execute well integrated FDPs will contribute to operational and financial success.

EXCEED Subsurface understands the diverse intricacies that impact the reservoir management plans and associated operational aspects. This empowers our multidisciplinary integrated team to provide dedicated support to help you make the decisions that drive your assets forward. Our support entails assistance for the concept selection and FDP preparation process, as well as independent review of FDPs. We select a team of professionals from our internal resources and network of associates based on your requirements.

Our studies facilitate risk and uncertainty management principally focused on the subsurface aspects, drilling and completion. If a broader approach is required, we can also cover for example:

  • Disposal of by-products (water, associated gas)
  • Terrain, water depth and metocean
  • Stakeholders, including local communities
  • Access to and available capacity of existing infrastructure
  • HSE management
  • Local permitting and regulations, including “local content” requirements
  • Export of produced oil and gas and project economics

Furthermore, our seasoned experts will conduct an extensive evaluation of (sub)surface properties. This will enable the in-depth appraisal of your reservoir management plan and its consistency with facility design as well as commercial and permitting matters. Taking into account technical, operational and financial uncertainties, we highlight appropriate strategies (e.g. staged development) to mitigate risks ensuring the optimised choice of wells and facilities. Our independent audits and review reports, whether focused on asset acquisition or field development planning, will provide you with advice on fit-for-purpose solutions that meet your organisational needs by connecting our subsurface and facilities knowledge.

Our facilities audit service will be tailored to your needs and may include:

  • Review of information on the facilities, operations, maintenance and HSE
  • Site visits and inspection
  • Reporting on potential liabilities and related recommendations.


  • Field development planning and concept selection
  • Review of Field Development Plans, including risk identification/risk management
  • Audit of field operations, HSE management and its application
  • Inspection of facilities for acquisition and divestment


  • Optimised field development concept selection ensuring best risk management and maximum return on investments
  • More effective FDPs with better risk management
  • Independent assessment of existing production facilities, operations and HSE management