Well Integrity

Going beyond well construction, we provide well integrity, maintenance and intervention services to maximise the productive life and reliability of your well portfolio.

With in-house well integrity expertise, we offer an outsourced scalable solution supporting all your well maintenance needs without the overhead burden of maintaining a team of internal resources.

A full-service solution, we provide well integrity monitoring through to all maintenance activities to safely restore, reconfigure, recomplete, repair, reuse, or retire your well stock.

Well Integrity Management System

  • Automatically updated, well barrier and completion schematics
  • Automatically imports well information to well integrity management system
  • Automatically updated activity scheduling
  • Creates well digital twin
  • In system notifications and email alerts of upcoming tests, change of well status and actions
  • Auto calculates MAASP and leak rates of annuli/valves
  • Company risk matrix and failure matrix fully embedded within the system
  • Fully integrate company procedures and guidelines
  • Securely cloud based c/w back up, 24/7 access onshore/offshore and production operations access


Covering the full productive life of your well portfolio, our services include:

  • Well operatorship ready
  • Reservoir management
  • Well intervention and workover services
  • Emergency response management
  • Full well lifecycle discreet study work
  • Well stock performance monitoring
  • Abandonment and end of well life planning
  • Well integrity risk management

Benefits to you:

  • Call-off access to our in-house well integrity expertise and industry-leading well integrity management systems.
  • Access to best practice and knowledge sharing across multi-client projects.
  • A tactical rapid response team available for emergency response interventions and remediation, resulting in reduced downtime.
  • Flexibility to supplement your existing in-house specialist team during peak activity periods.
  • Consolidation of well intervention inventory and maintenance costs through managed shared services across multiple operators.