iVision Technology

  • enhancing SAFETY

  • assuring INTEGRITY

  • improving EFFICIENCY

  • maximising VALUE

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Enabling knowledge-sharing & collaboration

Connecting people & operations

A powerful platform to enable smarter collaboration, iVISION manages your project information, efficiently and effectively, from planning to execution.

With all project specific information available on a central online platform, iVISION is a hub for real-time communication and learning between the wellsite and the engineering team.

iVISION can integrate your safety management system with your operational procedures - combining technical videos with:

  • Lessons learned
  • Task specific risk assessments
  • Permits
  • Written work instructions
  • Service company procedures

Key Benefits

iVISION enhances safety.

Bringing your safety management system to life combining permits and job specific risk assessments with video tutorials to induct new personnel and provide refresher training for existing crews. Visual learning overcomes language/technical barriers to improve communication across new team members or activities.

iVISION accelerates learning.

Easy access, share and review of work instructions and lessons learned supported by step-by-step videos, of the entire well construction process from spud to completion. The video record of complex and non-routine activities can be used to share events in real time between rig, engineers, contractors and partners and communicate the “how to” for current and future operations.

iVISION transfers best practise.

iVISION enables real time collaboration between operator, drilling contractor, service providers and partners to share and promote best practise.



iVISION maximises efficiency.

Building a legacy knowledge hub ensuring that capability and ‘know-how’ is retained and can be re-applied on future projects.

Global Collaboration

iVISION allows real-time sharing of know-how, best practice and application of new technology across the globe. Providing your rotational highly-mobile workforce, and supporting partners, a central hub for project specific knowledge.

  • Accessible online, anytime, with secure access. The system is configurable aligned to the client internal business process and management systems.
  • iVISION eliminates location and server barriers by providing a centralised hub accessible to all members of the team
  • Easy to navigate via user intuitive work breakdown structure enabling drill-down by region, rig, well and task specific steps for each phase
  • iVISION is the real time “go to” for project scheduling and logistics management


Video Overview

Connecting the drill floor to the engineering team

iVISION enables you to share and view documents in an easy to navigate manner, with one click you can access all the relevant documents associated with a phase of the operation.

Support Team

iVISION’s in-house support team consists of experienced project planning personnel, a Microsoft-certified IT coordinator and an award-wining BBC-trained director providing multi-media and video expertise.

The combined skill set of this versatile team ensures that any iVISION deployment is executed seamlessly, fully supported from an IT perspective and with the assurance of full training and user support.

Bringing attention to detail and a proactive approach, the team can assist with migrating your existing knowledge. Our on-going end user support and training options ensures you get the most out of your iVISION deployment.

Optionally, we can identify, film and produce video footage for all your training, induction, HSE, communication, product and rig activity requirements and integrate the resulting videos with the relevant corresponding iVISION knowledge assets.

See videos for further information on our full range of video and multi-media services.

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