Performance Improvement

  • enhancing SAFETY

  • assuring INTEGRITY

  • improving EFFICIENCY

  • maximising VALUE

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Performance solutions proven to drive excellence

Transforming your people & operations

With a track record for delivering proven performance improvement solutions across the globe, we support operations in a variety of complex environments - consistently achieving outstanding performance results.

Our coaches only have one goal - to unleash the potential of your project teams. Their expertise ensures your rig team can confidently focus on operations, with the assurance that they have a dedicated resource in place to drive the continuous improvement process.











Our Commitment

Our rig-based performance coaches work closely with your team to bring your safety management system to life, introduce an integrated approach to planning and learning, and improve operational performance
— saving you time and money.

We don't change technology or request capital investment. We benchmark performance, pinpoint improvement opportunities and then work side-by-side with your rig team to deliver a step change in performance.

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Our clients consistently experience results in these key areas:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved well construction times
  • Improved well abandonment times
  • Reduced costs
  • An engaged and motivated rig team
  • Sustainability post-exit

A guaranteed return on your investment

Working side-by-side with your people, we implement a proven methodology to enhance safety, increase productive time, and reduce time and costs - on every well.

Our proven performance solutions have helped clients across the globe achieve outstanding safety results and realise project savings ranging from $15 million to $260 million.

With our average project ROI of >20 : 1 and combined client project savings in excess of $760 million, your investment is guaranteed to deliver results.


Accelerated Learning

When time is money and safety is paramount, it is key to get operations right first time.

The early involvement and dedicated support of Exceed performance coaches ensures lessons are captured and implemented as early in the project as possible, achieving accelerated learning, maximum replication value and best-in-class project performance.

Focus Areas

Performance improvement isn’t just for under-performing rigs.

More often than not, our clients bring us in right at the start of a project to ensure operational readiness or to enable rig teams that are already operational to realise the full benefits of additional support.



This is typically in response to:

  • Cost pressures
  • Change in scope
  • New rig/new region
  • Short-term drilling programme
  • Projects with highly-repetitive activities
  • Intermittent complex operations

A Proven Methodology

Exceed performance coaches drive the continuous improvement process using our proven 12-step transformation wheel. This inclusive approach combines the proven concepts of advance  planning, after action reviews and a rigorous lessons learned process with innovative visual learning and rig crew engagement solutions.

The result is a high-performance rig culture where safety comes first and improvements are consistently identified, implemented and embedded.

Working Smarter

WorkSmart is an Exceed-sponsored reward scheme to improve rig efficiency and promote rig crew engagement. To date, contributions have resulted in project savings ranging from $4million to $20million.

Embracing the power of visual learning, Exceed coaches produce safety and well construct videos to support planning, learning, and transfer of best practice. The resulting videos are accessed via our online knowledge collaboration platform iVISION.

Utilising the power of visual learning

Research has repeatedly demonstrated the impact of visual learning.

First to introduce videos as part of our performance coaching, our coaches are experts at filming, editing, and producing well construct, rig maintenance and safety videos.

Using the resulting videos as a key learning tool, the Exceed performance coach consistently drives planning meetings, captures all lessons learned, facilitates after action reviews and initiates lessons close out meetings, whilst also playing a proactive role in enhancing your safety culture.

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People driving Performance

Delivering world-class results relies on people you can count on. Equipped with a comprehensive set of planning and learning tools, our coaches arrive ready to support the rig leadership team and relieve the administrative burden.

As part of their final selection, Exceed coaches participate in an intensive training process. Designed to test performance under pressure, this ensure coaches are equipped with the training, skills and knowledge required for the role.

The same core training material is also available to our clients in the form of our Performance Engineer Competency Programme.

Exceed coaches are supported by a multi-discipline team that includes professional video editing expertise, iVISION technical support, IT and drilling engineering expertise. Their main objective is to ensure the coach is free to focus on your rig operations.


"Seadrill Ghana (Offshore/Onshore) believe Exceed enhance team building opportunities within the rig. The Exceed coach is an un-biased performance coach that is likely able to say things to client and contractor personnel alike that would normally be left unsaid"

Rig Manager, Contractor

"Exceed's influence on this project was way more than what is generally understood to be 'Performance Coaching'. Would I use Exceed again? Yes, definitely, without question."

Drilling Superintendent, Operator

"Exceed Performance Improvement is best in class. Always raising the bar, involved, dedicated and knowledgeable. The iVISION videos are excellent and we relied heavily on Exceed's planning readiness to capture the learning."

Operator, West Africa

"Exceed performance coaches played an important role in the delivery of the Rigless Intervention campaign objectives. They were quickly embedded in the new team and exceeded expectation during the offshore execution."

Senior Completions Engineer, Operator

"Over the past 12 months XCD have worked with our team to implement a continuous improvement programme. As a consequence a more rigorous plan-do-measure-learn approach has become embedded as the way we work. This has resulted not only in an improved rig performance but it has also contributed to the improved safety performance. Initiatives such as publishing a rig newsletter has also contributed to greater morale on-board."

Well Site Leader, Operator

"These guys are influenced by only one goal: to help the team perform to their best. They are armed with the tools to show us how to do just that. They have an impartial view and are completely independent. It's this that enables them to help us find the correct solution to the problem."

Well Site Leader, Operator

"There is no way we could have tracked the lessons learned as well as you did. Without Exceed, many of the learnings we had would not have been recorded. Exceed have the experience and focus to manage the lessons learned for the team. This alone is extremely valuable."

Drilling, Supervisor, Operator

"The "WorkSmart" program helped as much as anything. It's a great tool and great idea. Many of the ideas might not have come out if not for this program. Tracking the lessons learned made sure we did not make the same mistakes again."

Drilling, Supervisor, Operator

Why Exceed

With our proven approach, commitment to safety, and reputation for delivering on our ROI promise, you can count on us to deliver results.

Enhanced safety

Heightened safety awareness through better preparation and a 'work smarter, not harder' approach

Smarter operations

Our WorkSmart rig efficiency programme guarantees an engaged rig team and multi-million dollar savings.

Improved performance

Our proven methodology and consistent approach transform operational  performance and deliver quantifiable results.

Visual learning

Building a knowledge library of rig activity and safety videos proven to enhance planning and learning.

Facilitation expertise

In-house expertise to facilitate DWOP/CWOP/TWOP/AWOP planning workshops, identify improvements and mitigate risks.

Knowledge transfer

Multi-location collaboration via iVISION, our industry-leading online knowledge mobilisation platform.

Accelerated learning

Dedicated to driving the learning process, we consistently achieve >90% lessons learned close-out ratios.

Certified management systems

A fully-integrated quality, environmental and health & safety management system for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Exceptional people

Coaches you can count on and a promise for maintaining consultant continuity on all projects.

Competency development

Committed to developing your performance engineers and sustaining operational excellence.

Well life cycle solutions

Extended service range with subsurface, well life-cycle management and decommissioning capability.

Global reach

A global track record with local representation in seven regions serving your project needs.

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