Visual Learning
& Video Production

The power of
visual learning

Research consistently proves that visual learning is the most effective means of transferring and retaining information. That’s why Exceed were first to introduce videos as part of our performance improvement process, with Exceed coaches experts at filming, editing, and producing rig activity and safety videos.

The resulting videos are used as planning and learning tools, integrated with the relevant work instructions, and accessed via iVISION —our online knowledge management platform.

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Video Production Services

The same internal production team that supports our coaches can provide a professional stand-alone service to support your audio-visual requirements and bring your written work instructions to life.

Offered independently from our Performance Improvement service, our in-house capability includes professional camera men and video production expertise, allowing us to capture and produce powerful videos that meet your unique needs.

We specialise in induction videos, safety videos, rig intake, commissioning, training, logistics, and videos of complex non-routine operation.

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"Exceed have produced video libraries that are beneficial for pre-operations briefing and awareness training/campaigns towards all crews including 3rd parties for rig operations."

Rig Manager, Contractor

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